by PONES, Inc. & Queen City Flash

(1M/1F + dance ensemble) | 65 minutes

Choreography by Katie Chal, Montez O. Jenkins, Kim Popa and Kate Stark

Music by Galen Tipton

Directed by Bridget Leak

featuring Mac Blais & Alex Roberts with 

Katie Chal, Courtney Duncan, Trisha Durham, Ian Timothy Forsgren, Harper Lee, Ashley Olivia Morton, Kim Popa, Mandie Reiber & Kate Stark

Stage Management by Jillian Beach

At the end of the world a teenage couple, a Cutter and a Co-dependent, seek refuge in a backyard fallout shelter. Their solitary internment warps time, their perception and their relationship as they struggle to adapt to a world that is both dying and ignoring them. As the apocalypse rages and the world crumbles around them, the young couple discovers that survival isn’t what you escape, but what you bring with you.



“Nightmares are alive in the day as well as the night in this attention-compelling collaboration...”

”... an interesting and well-formed production, carried out with style.”
— CityBeat
“one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe.”

”so powerful, so raw, so engaging”

”... trust me - this build up is worth it.”
— Kirk Shepard, The Sappy Critic