REVIEW: Slut Shaming | CincyFringe | Enquirer

“‘Slut Shaming’ is every bit as harsh a dramatic journey as its title suggests.

This isn’t science fiction. There’s no miraculous machine that moves her through time. This is an exploration of a mind, a soul in crisis.”
“‘Slut Shaming’ is a vividly poetic script. And the actors obviously revel in the lushness of the language.

Hurl yourself into the stream of the script’s consciousness and you may just find this an experience as enlightening as it is harrowing.”
— David Lyman, Enquirer Contributor

Trey Tatum

I'm a displaced hick from the Alabama Gulf Coast where I slept under haunted train bridges, repelled on high-rise condominiums, played on heavy machinery, got lost in gator-country and discovered hidden oases. As a result, I write plays and music about the dirty, magical underbelly of this world. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife, Director Bridget Leak.