Andy's House of [BLANK] | 2015 Cincinnati Theater Year in Review | Cincinnati Enquirer

“The show began life early in the year as an intriguing playlet in the Know’s admirable “Serials” series. Within months, it was a mainstage production, an intelligent, offbeat musical work about an oddball character searching not just for love, but for a way to fit into the world. It’s also about the ever-so-smart philosophical ramblings of writers Paul Strickland and Trey Tatum, whose minds and scripts move faster and more deeply than most of us can comprehend.”
— David Lyman, Enquirer Contributor

Trey Tatum

I'm a displaced hick from the Alabama Gulf Coast where I slept under haunted train bridges, repelled on high-rise condominiums, played on heavy machinery, got lost in gator-country and discovered hidden oases. As a result, I write plays and music about the dirty, magical underbelly of this world. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife, Director Bridget Leak.