REVIEW: Andy's House of [BLANK] | Know Theatre of Cincinnati | Behind the Curtain Cincy

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.

”Paul Strickland and Trey Tatum take their very enjoyable, diamond in the rough musical from SERIALS! 2: THUNDERDOME and polish it to a brilliant shine into this full-length, fully-staged production.”
“First and foremost, the show is funny. Throw-your-head-back and laugh-out-loud funny. Those familiar with Strickland’s fringe entries know he is quite the homespun-wisdom wordsmith. Partnering with musician and drinking-buddy Trey Tatum, the two have a created a quirky, genuine and touching musical with a sci-fi conceit.”
“[Tatum and Strickland] have an easy chemistry and great rapport with each other and the audience.”
“Director Bridget Leak keeps the show moving at a nice pace and makes good use of the small play area.”
— Rob Bucher, Behind the Curtain Cincy

Trey Tatum

I'm a displaced hick from the Alabama Gulf Coast where I slept under haunted train bridges, repelled on high-rise condominiums, played on heavy machinery, got lost in gator-country and discovered hidden oases. As a result, I write plays and music about the dirty, magical underbelly of this world. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife, Director Bridget Leak.