REVIEW: Andy's House of Blank | Know Theatre of Cincinnati | Cincinnati Enquirer

“... an eloquent and entertaining show about love and memory and the excruciating power of disappointment.”
“It’s exhausting. And exhilarating. And heartbreaking.”
“... a cycle of purposefully repetitive scenes of introspection and confessions and revelations that are as dismaying as they are filled with hope and desperation.”
“In the end, though, this is Strickand and Tatum’s show. They’re engaging and driven, performers who seem born to stand in front of an audience. They have stories to tell. Lots of them. You get the sense that without [Director Bridget] Leak there to rein them in, they would still be standing center stage, spinning great stories when the sun came up.”
“[Strickland and Tatum] have crafted a piece of theater that is tender and ribald, witty and touching. And it is oh-so-smart.”
— David Lyman, Enquirer Contributor

Trey Tatum

I'm a displaced hick from the Alabama Gulf Coast where I slept under haunted train bridges, repelled on high-rise condominiums, played on heavy machinery, got lost in gator-country and discovered hidden oases. As a result, I write plays and music about the dirty, magical underbelly of this world. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife, Director Bridget Leak.