The Midnight Express


(2F) | 60 minutes

THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS will be presented June 1 - June 10, 2016 as a part of the 13th Cincinnati Fringe Festival

directed by Bridget Leak

featuring Tatum Hunter & Alex Roberts


A midnight plea leads two sisters to haunted train tracks and beyond.

Former sisters Casey and Cassie meet on haunted train tracks at midnight to recreate a ghost story from their childhood in an attempt to discover what part of family is real and what part is urban legend.


“In the couple of years they’ve been in Cincinnati, we’ve learned to believe in almost everything created by playwright Trey Tatum and director Bridget Leak. This will be no exception.”
— David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 5, 2016
“I get asked a lot to recommend the “best of” that I’ve seen. That’s hard for me sometimes but I’ll tell you that Trey Tatum’s THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is a smart piece.”
— Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic, June 4, 2016
“Trey Tatum, the playwright, has a masterful connection to words. He writes humor with heart...”

”For a show that talks a lot about spirits and cosmic energy, this show is chock full of it. I was moved.”

”I am confident that as this show grows over the festival, it’s going to be one of the best.”
— Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic, Jun 1, 2016

Production Notebook

THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS began as a shorter, ten-minute play. It was written as an assignment while Trey attended the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive, and was inspired by the following image.