Erin Ward & Paul Kerford Wilson

Erin Ward & Paul Kerford Wilson


(2M/2F + Martians, probably gender neutral) | 1 hour, 30 minutes

Developed as a part of SERIALS! @ Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Directed by Bridget Leak

featuring: Miranda McGee, Sam Rueff, Erin Ward & Paul Kerford Wilson

In January 1961, a B-52 Bomber broke apart in mid-air over Goldsboro, NC. Wings, pilots and debris fell to Earth. So did a pair of 4-megaton Mark 39 Hydrogen bombs. One was recovered, the second bomb was never found. It lies in a North Carolina swamp, fenced off by the American Military.


27-year-old Adam grew up listening to the stories of the nuke next door. His doctors believe that Adam's fear of the bomb is mostly responsible from the adult-onset agoraphobia which has held him captive in his house for the past five years.

When a late-night, freak storm brings a large tree crashing into his home, the outside world seeps in and Adam feels his safety net dwindling. His neighbors think Adam's finally gone crazy. Adam thinks he's being visited in the nighttime.

Bizarre occurrences, strange lights and extreme paranoia compound one another until Adam is certain that the only way to protect his home from space invaders is with rogue, nuclear arms.

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Serials! @ Know Theatre

MARS vs. THE ATOM was developed episodically as a part of Know Theatre's Serials! programming.

Serials! is Know Theatre’s biannual episodic theatre party.

It’s also a new play incubator that helps playwrights see their work on stage almost instantly, bypassing years of workshopping or staged readings to go straight to performance.