Ken Ham's Journey to the Center of the Earth

Ken Ham's Journey to the Center of the Earth

(3M/2F) | 90 minutes

KEN HAM'S JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH was presented December 4 - December 6, 2016 as a co-production between Know Theatre of Cincinnati and Queen City Flash

directed by Bridget Leak

featuring Shelby Becker, Justin Lee, Dave F'n Powell, Jordan Trovillion & Paul Wilson

Poster by Emily Ducharme  |  Trailers by Seth Friedman


An Adventure 6,000 Years in the Making.

Dr. Ken Ham, Biblical Archaeologist, is at a crossroads. A failed expedition to Jericho has cost him his teaching post and shaken his faith. But mysterious forces are at play and soon Ken finds himself in a desperate race against an evil faction of Evolutionist Scientists to find the fabled Garden of Eden. His companions include an atheist state auditor from Kentucky (who is financing the expedition) and an animatronic companion from the Creation Museum. Ride along with Ken Ham and crew on a wooden vessel ripped straight from the pages of Genesis.


“Clearly, this is a plot that pits good guys versus bad, nut cases versus reasonable. But it’s to Tatum’s credit that we’re rarely sure which is which. At first, we think we know. But Tatum doesn’t let us – or them – off the hook quite so simply. There are no black-and-white solutions to ideas and theories as complex as these.”

“As with most collaborations between Tatum and director Bridget Leak, there is a certain unruliness to this show.”

” ... as with every production by Tatum and Leak, there is more than enough substance to keep our minds working well after the final scene ends.”
— David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer, December 5, 2016

Production Notebook

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'Ken Ham's Journey to the Center of the Earth'

KEN HAM'S JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH combined live theater with an old overhead projector to add a cinematic scope to the play.