(4M/2F) | 1 hour, 45 minutes

In bitter times, the heroes rise – and Boys and Gods are tested.

Michael’s Mother believes the only way to purge sin is thru the forced consumption of gallons of water. When Michael is discovered drawing a comic book featuring Jesus as a 1930s serial action hero, his Mother labels it the ultimate sacrilege. As his penance turns lethal and his hours grow dim, Michael’s only chance of survival lies in the hands of the man himself.

artwork by Chris Booth

artwork by Chris Booth

Awards / Honors

The Adventures of Jesus Jackson was a PlayPenn 2014 Semi-Finalist.

The Adventures of Jesus Jackson was a Semi-Finalist for nuvoices 3 at the Actor's Theatre of Charlotte.


Production History

The Adventures of Jesus Jackson was selected by |the claque| in the fall of 2011 for its inaugural Fall Reading Series. The play was given a one-night reading in November 2011 at the Abingdon Theatre in NYC. In April 2012, |the claque| gave a later draft of the play a second reading during its Quick and Dirties new play development series.

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