co-written with Paul Strickland

(3M/1F) | 1 hour, 45 minutes

I don't know why my mind keeps going back there... 

Andy always was an unusual man, running a store that was part ever-changing emporium of oddities, part Museum of Unmailed Loveletters. When Sadie, his old school crush, comes back to town for her father’s funeral, she shows up at the store with a mysterious machine…over and over and over again. Paul and Trey recount the strange events of the summer they met, working in Andy’s House of [blank], the small town, mystery-spot musical about unrequited love, second chances, and what it means to change your world.



“... an eloquent and entertaining show about love and memory and the excruciating power of disappointment.”

“[Strickland and Tatum] have crafted a piece of theater that is tender and ribald, witty and touching. And it is oh-so-smart.”
— David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer
“The music is great, and there are lots of laughs along the way ... a serious, poignant rumination about love, longing and how to move forward by looking back.”
— Rick Pender, Cincinnati CityBeat
”Paul Strickland and Trey Tatum take their very enjoyable, diamond in the rough musical from SERIALS! 2: THUNDERDOME and polish it to a brilliant shine into this full-length, fully-staged production.”

“First and foremost, the show is funny. Throw-your-head-back and laugh-out-loud funny.”
— Rob Bucher, Behind the Curtain Cincy

Production History

Andy's House of [BLANK] was given a workshop production as a part of Know Theatre of Cincinnati's (Andrew Hungerford, Artistic Director) 18th Mainstage Season. It was directed by Bridget Leak and featured the following cast:

Erika Kate Macdonald as Sadie
Christopher Michael Richardson as Andy
Paul Strickland as Paul
Trey Tatum as Trey

Creative Team:

scenic design by Sarah Beth Hall
lighting design by Andrew J. Hungerford
costume design by Noelle Wedig
sound design by Doug Borntrager

Andy's House of BLANK

An earlier version of Andy's House of [BLANK] was presented episodically as a part of Know Theatre's Serials! programming.

Serials! is Know Theatre’s biannual episodic theatre party.

It’s also a new play incubator that helps playwrights see their work on stage almost instantly, bypassing years of workshopping or staged readings to go straight to performance.